Master Degrees

  • Design and Product Development

    The Master in Product Design and Development aims at providing students with competences and technical-scientific knowledge in Product Design and Development, based on design methodologies and tools that focus on satisfaction of individual and collective needs, and resorting to the most recent technologies in project, simulation, and fabrication. The inherent approach is based on stimulating creativity, innovation, and excellence through the different levels that exist in Product Design, with the purpose of playing an active and interventional role in productive industries, recognizing the importance of branding, in face of the current market realities and challenges.

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  • Digital Design

    The Master in Digital Design aims to provide students with an advanced training in areas and disciplines of Design specifically targeted at Digital media. The education focuses on a strong practical component, with a strong methodological and technical approach, contemplating a broad training in specific software in the area of digital design.

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  • Illustration and Animation

    The Master in Illustration and Animation (MIA) is the only master degree at national level bringing together two emerging areas – Illustration and Animation – in a multidisciplinary approach and assertively answering to the current and global market needs. Based on visual communication, from the artistic to the commercial perspective, MIA intends to offer a comprehensive education, in which students can choose the development of a final project consistent with their skills and preferences, whether at the level of the illustration or animation or both, building an ambivalent project. It is a Master degree recognized and awarded by international publishers and animation film festivals respectively.

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